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User’s manual


The core of the BILAN model is written in the C++ programming language. Two interfaces to this core are available, including graphical user interface (GUI) based on Qt4 libraries and a package for the R statistical and programming environment.

Graphical user interface

For Windows, the user is provided with the bilan_VERSION.exe, where the version number is based on date of release. For its execution, following libraries has to be located in the identical directory: libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll, mingwm10.dll, QtCore4.dll and QtGui4.dll.

Subsection R package

The R 2.12 or above (2.15 or above is recommended) with installed package Rcpp (version 0.9.10 or above) is required for the Bilan package.

The package bilan_VERSION.tar.gz (for Linux) or bilan_VERSION.zip (for Windows) can be installed into R by a standard way of local packages installation (e.g. by install.packages command). In this manual, only blue highlighted function names are referred, the detailed description is contained in built-in R help to particular function.

User interface

The application user interface consists of three main parts:

  • the list of input files with catchment data and tools for their management,
  • catchment properties and model settings for currently selected catchment or for a system of catchment represented by the Catchment and System,
  • results based on the model settings represented by the Results and Plots.

The user interface parts can be resized or hidden completely by using vertical handles that divide them.

The application can be quitted by choosing Bilan → Quit in main menu or by using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Q.